The idea of a student-run consultancy is to challenge passionate students beyond their academic curriculum by working on consulting projects with companies. Our members apply their  knowledge from university to real world situations while gaining practical work experience.

Our Vision is to aid Kenya’s workforce by giving students the chance to gain practical experience while studying.

Our Mission is to create value for both students and companies through projects and partnerships.





“The Consulting Academy for me has proven to be a place I have discovered and nurtured my talents. Before it, I didn’t have any idea what consulting was but now, it is what I see myself doing in my career path. I have honed my skills, both technical and interpersonal while working with diverse people, all aiming towards the same goal,an entertaining and fulfilling experience. I have made friends, I have made networks and I have improved myself.””

Grace Alusa – Director, Operations and IT

“I joined the Academy in September 2018. Looking back, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made in life. Professionally, TCAN has really helped me grow through exposure to training and projects. I have worked on two external projects and am currently on my third one. I have attended Workshops and Networking events courtesy of the Academy. I also recently got a job in a Marketing, Branding and Events Agency through links The Academy has made over the years.”

Bettina Okinyi – TCAN Member

“The academy so far has been more than anything I expected! Every meeting is fun and engaging and I always learn something new every time we gather! Whether it’s strategic planning or problem solving. I find that the academy challenges me to be more than just a regular student, to think outside the box and manage my time better. TCAN just provides the environment where anyone can grow and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

Caleb Thuku – TCAN Trainee