Testimony: John Gitonga

My first encounter with The Consulting Academy Nairobi was through an email circulated by our school inviting us to a pitch about it by German students. Rive with curiosity, I and one of my friends attended the session. I was Impressed by the confidence and eloquence by the German students as they spoke and got to interact with the crowd.
I was excited and saw an opportunity for me to learn skills that can better equip me to maneuver the twist and turns of the Kenyan corporate world and more importantly I was consumed with a belief that The Consulting Academy Nairobi is the right vehicle to drive youth entrepreneurship and bridge the gap between the academic qualifications gained by graduates and the skills required by employers in the market.
I applied and got accepted as a trainee. Afterwards a few months down the line I got elected as The Head of Department for Partners and Networks. My experiences and lessons at the organisation span far and wide. I believe I have improved in my time management skills, improved in my soft skills due to numerous talks and meetings, improved competence in software used frequently at the academy and I am much better at organization.
What I enjoy the most is the team work that prevails in The Consulting Academy Nairobi, different people coming together to achieve the same purpose. That`s what inspires me the most and gives me drive.
By: John Gitonga