Changes When you Join The Work Place- First Experiences and How To Adjust

Whether driven by passion or the gains from working, the workplace is a new bargain. The end goal, the driving force behind what we deem to be the fruits of laboring in the education system: that high paying job. The job that is to ‘compensate’ for all the hardship. Hope is what steers us forward, […]

Exploring Career Options – The Journey

I fondly remember my childhood days, when an uncle, a family friend, or any random older person visiting the home would, in an attempt to strike conversation with the little one, innocently ask the dreaded question: ‘what do you want to be when you grow up Caleb?’ On one occasion, my spirited reply was that […]

Pitching: How to deliver an outstanding pitch to a Corporate

 READY…..SET…PITCH! Pitching, like any other skill, requires a lot of effort and in this regard, our marketing team organized an amazing pitching training led by Mr. Bob Okello from Ekocenter, Coca Cola. Here are some tips he gave on corporate pitching to get you started; Research on the company you are pitching to. After a […]

Academy Consult Munich

Academy Consult Logo

Academy Consult Munich The idea of a student-run consultancy is not new – The Consulting Academy’s founders learned in Munich’s student consultancy Academy Consult what it means to be a student consultant. The idea is simple: Connecting businesses and students in consulting projects. During the last 15 years, generations of members of Academy Consult conducted […]